Ronald Buys


Director/owner Ronald Buijs started YBBP in 2007 after a lengthy period as General Manager of the Amsterdam Admirals (NFL Europe) and Sr. Consultant at IMG. The years in American sports management succeeded a notable career in international business consultancy.

On the field Ronald had an active career in sports. In American Football he started in five European finals and became European Champion with the Amsterdam Crusaders in 1991 and 1992. In 1994 he made the switch to bobsleigh participated in World Cup and World Championship races and obtained the status of Olympic athlete heading for the 2002 Olympic games. For the Dutch television he has been commentator since 1999 for FOX, NOS and SBS for the regular NFL season- and Super Bowl broadcast. Buys did one Olympic tour as President of the Dutch Bobsleigh Federation from 2002 to 2006. Further he teaches International Sport Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.

Stefaan Eskes

Senior Partner

Stefaan is a dedicated Sport Marketer and Event Professional. He catapulted his career working with the National Football League (NFL) in Europe in a variety of senior positions.

As General Manager, he was not only taken over from his current partner Ronald Buys, leading the Amsterdam Admirals, but also managed the Premier League soccer team NAC Breda. As an independent consultant and project manager, Stefaan successfully managed and executed several large sports projects with an international scope. Next to a wealth of experience and knowledge on media, (online) broadcasting and production, as a partner of YBBP, he also brings a standard in operational excellence. On the field Stefaan has been active in multiple sports and most successful in rugby, playing for the Dutch national team, the national student team and winning the national championship for club teams twice. Besides still playing rugby, Stefaan is currently challenging himself with new goals in triathlon.

Joey Matahelumual

Joey graduated in Sport management at CIOS Haarlem. During his last year at CIOS Haarlem, Joey did an internship at YBBP, where he created his interests and developed his skills for social media and online communication. Joey started working as an online communication specialist to increase the online presence of the Dutch volleyball women by building an engaged community and activate this target group. After this successful project he took the chance to start up his own business in the music industry as an event promoter. Fuse Festival and the club nights NIGHT are concepts by his label NEUF. Nowadays he’s combining two big passions in his work: sports and music.

On the field Joey always loved and practiced multiple types of sport. He played the top league of indoor soccer, did motocross and now you can find him in the local gym or in the park for a run!

Demi Tahamata

Demi has a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Multimedia Design and a big love of sports and social media. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that combining these two as a job would be the perfect fit. After working in the dance and festival scene as an intern, she absorbed the do’s and dont’s of online communication and now is applying that knowledge and experience at the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017, korfball and volleyball projects.

On the field Demi has played soccer on different levels for years. As a real team player and whilst working in sports everyday, she might make a comeback soon.

Julien Kraakman

As a designer with a passion for imagery, Julien combines his love for design with his love for sports and works for YBBP on a weekly basis. During his communication and multimedia design studies – for which he graduated in 2012 – he learned everything about graphic design. He had the opportunity to apply his skills at Artbox as a creative producer and designer, until he joined his friend William and teamed up at Giant Rebels in 2016.

On the field he is an enthusiastic sprint kayaker and climber. In his spare time, you can find him wandering the great outdoors with his camera, pondering about the meaning of life.

Nadine Buijs

Nadine graduated from her sports study at CIOS Haarlem with a sport management specialization. The talented millennial has her focus on (online) communication and growing a fan base. Working closely with the Dutch national teams in volleyball and korfball, she already has a wealth of experience and is qualified to work at the highest levels in sports.

On the field Nadine is ski-instructor in the winter months. In Austria she is teaching skiing with love and passion and she did so for visiting international schools. Further you used to find Nadine on the Dutch soccer fields playing at the highest amateur levels in women soccer.

William Kruidhof

In 2015 William started the creative studio Giant Rebels, with the mission to create a place where creativity is leading. A perfect fit with YBBP projects. Giant Rebels is always looking for the best and creative way to get your message visually across to your audience.

On the field William had a career as contemporary dancer. After dancing for several dance companies in the Netherlands and abroad, he made a switch in 2013 from the theatre art scene to the more visual commercial scene.









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