YBBP is partnering with the national federation who is bringing the successful Univé Gym Gala to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.
YBBP is responsible for the website development of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017.
EURO 2017
YBBP took the initiative and won the bid for the Grand Final of the World Triathlon Series and is also responsible for the online communication.

Who We Are

YBBP (Young BoBo Professional) is the representative of a whole new movement in which the Bourgeois Bohémien plays a central role. The ‘BoBo’ is the hybrid person of the 21st century who is breaking with the conventions in sports.

In the name YBBP the ‘BoBo’ is also used as a nickname for the Young Professionals. Ruud Gullit introduced the term in 1988 as a name for old, useless federation managers. With the arrival of YBBP the birth of the new ‘BoBo’ is a fact. YBBP makes its expertise, network and young talent available for the market.

The connecting factors in this match are the latest trends and developments in the field of sport management, sales, marketing and communication.

The Team

YBBP is just another sport management company. We are not great at everything. We are not the next best thing since sliced bread as some of our competitors think about themselves. However, we understand sports. We’ve been there. We understand the locker room, we understand the impact of winning and losing. We know what it takes to be successful. When I started YBBP in 2007 it was suppose to be the incubator it now is for young sport management talent. I’m proud to introduce our team. A great mix of seniority and young talent, equipped to deliver what we promise. Elite sports events that enjoy butts in seats and an engaged fanbase.

Ronald Buijs, Owner/CEO


What We do

YBBP is building strong brands in sports and excels in creating engagement with spectators and participants. We fill stadiums, offer valuable solutions for sport management issues and develop and implement strategies to sell your product. We focus on sustainable development.

We add value. YBBP works with proven models, concepts and strategies; from teams to stadiums, from the bid to the event, from brand strategy to activation. We build the business case and manage the sales and communication process. YBBP has a track record of working closely with various (inter)national sport federations and local sport promoters. YBBP manages the commercial success of elite sports events, athletes and organizations.

Strategy and Acquisition

YBBP is your consultant for the development of a vision and a strategy, but also on positioning and brand development in and through sport. It often concerns event acquisition and city marketing solutions, how to generate traffic to events and enhance fan engagement, or sponsoring issues and creating live brand experiences. Using current insights, models and systems, YBBP develops and supervises the process from start to finish.

YBBP is initiating the acquisition of events, or is giving follow-up to the ambition of federations and cities. YBBP can be called upon for conducting feasibility studies, writing bid books and support of the bid process. YBBP manages the entire process from concept and strategy to presentation. As a result, the continuity and consistency of the concept will be secured in the programming, in the communication and eventually in the event organization.

Sales and Promotion

The product sport is a simple one, athletes on the field and people in the stands. One can’t do without the other. For elite sports events YBBP is getting ‘butts in seats’. After choosing the right marketing and sales vehicles, we develop a communication concept and sales strategy and activate the market through creating engagement with impact. Whether that is getting ‘butts in seats’, sponsoring, or mass participation.

In the field of sponsoring YBBP not only gives input for strategy, but also can be employed for the recruitment of, the presentation to, and the contractual settlement with sponsors. For businesses YBBP translates strategy into ideas and concepts that ensure finding the correct fit and fulfillment that leads to an optimum return. Using IMG models, YBBP develops and supervises the process on both sides of the table; ‘sponsor finding’ and ‘brand discovery and activation’.

Management and Organisation

YBBP is successful initiating and managing the valuable partnerships between government, businesses and sport. YBBP initiates and organizes large-scale public events and side events.

For bigger productions YBBP works together with teams of specialists. YBBP manages the entire process from concept and strategy to implementation and administration. During events YBBP immerses herself in the field of programming, sponsoring, ticketing, marketing, hospitality, public relations and communication.

Digital and Campaigning

According to YBBP successful campaigning begins with a strong association with dynamic images, a firm coverage in all media channels, ‘live brand experiences’ and contractual rights, which can be packed for multi-media platforms.

Whether it concerns athletes, teams, events or accommodations, in this communication-oriented era it’s all about managing concepts. Websites, apps and social media activation that call to action.

YBBP believes in communication as a carrier of the success and sustainability of all aspects of sport.















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YBBP is located in the creative and inspiring environment in the art deco building of Artbox in Amsterdam.

Founded in 1976, Artbox is an art and production company headquartered in Amsterdam. Working with a team of over 80 talented artists from all over the world, we specialize in illustration, animation & film, photography, image manipulation and 3D/CGI. YBBP and Artbox find each other in the field of design and sport.

Our address:

Kruislaan 182

1098SK Amsterdam

Telephone: +31(0)20-4635797

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